No New Backups

Use existing backup infrastructure or RMSP, to schedule native backups and integrate into any existing infrastructure.

Fast Find

It exposes SharePoint backups for browsing and search, making it discoverable. It is possible to perform a quick search across multiple backups based on keyword, file type, or date.

Complete Restores

This backup system is enough to perform a complete farm and granular recovery. It restores data with all permissions, version history, and metadata, including data externalized with RBS via Storage Maximizer for SharePoint. Besides, you can also preview the backed-up items to affirm that it is the proper version before it is restored.

Access Anytime

Get direct emergency access to critical data, even when SharePoint is down. Besides, a user can also recover content to desktop or share file, when SharePoint is offline.

Recover All

Get access to backup search and restoration through web access tool and make restore after a disaster at the farm level.