Granular and Flexible Restore

Recovery Manager restores the data back to its original location or a different location, in any SharePoint farm. It also saves documents and the entire document libraries to the file system.

Recovery with Zero Data Loss

Recovery Manager restores the content in a way, that it is hard to tell the difference between the original and the restored content. It preserves all the metadata and associated links, also taking care of access permissions, alerts, links, version histories, and workflow sate and associations.

Quick Recovery

A recovery solution mitigates all possible dependencies and delays in the process, providing a quick recovery. It successfully manages the impact of:

  • The time it takes for an administrator to start working on the user restore requests
  • Time to find and locate the requested data
  • Time to write the data back to SharePoint

Emergency Access to Critical Data in SharePoint

Recovery Manager allows a quick browsing of the content backup, even in the absence of original SharePoint site, retrieving the data needed. You can get business-critical documents or sites back online, before the entire server farm is back up and running.

Simple, Unified, and Repeatable Recovery Process

Management Console offered by the Recovery Manager needs no special skills, except for basic SharePoint knowledge. It is easy to locate or restore the data, through a seamless integration with SharePoint recycling bins.