Biggest SharePoint Challenges and How to Address Them

SharePoint is adopted widely by organizations, yet most of them are minting little benefit from it. AIIM’s survey shows that while SharePoint usage has undergone an incremental increase, out of all the users, 58% agree that SharePoint adoption remains a challenge. 50% of this believe that the major reason behind this is a lack of sufficient training and management support and organizations are falling short of technical expertise needed to convey the complete knowledge related to this technology.

SharePoint is not making life more comfortable for the users. As you adopt SharePoint, it is essential to know that there will be challenges related to this technology, which are addressed with these solutions:

A Team of SharePoint- Scared Professionals: Low SharePoint adoption remains a constant challenge, ever since the starting. When you invest in SharePoint, you expect out-of-the-box solution and instant results for your business challenges. However, nothing such happens. As the users’ struggle with SharePoint grows, they begin to push SharePoint under the carpet, trying to manage life without it. Its repercussions are multiple, and: your SharePoint investment begins to do down the drain, and users start opting for unsafe tools.

The reason you have a low SharePoint adoption lies in its related complexities, slowing down the process and drifting users. SharePoint’s difficult-to-get-through coding process makes the whole work difficult. However, with technology experts’ intervention, we have SharePoint support tools such as QuickApps available in the market, which make work on SharePoint simple and code-free, with its pre-built templates. SharePoint-scared users are able to overcome their fear, and they come out of their shell to embrace this easier way through SharePoint.

Mishaps With SharePoint: There is always a scope of a disaster with SharePoint, which can cause complete or partial loss of SharePoint data and content. This shall cost you a loss of all the efforts and achievements made so far. While users need the foolproof security of this data, they also need to equip themselves to battle the scenario of data loss, as this will always remain a possibility.

With the current technologies working towards making your SharePoint environment secure, there are solutions for this challenge in –Recovery Manager. This is a SharePoint support tool, which makes ingenious recoveries by performing complete SharePoint farm restore and item-level granular recovery of – individual documents, lists, document libraries, sites, workspaces. It is easy for the IT admin to spot and restore the lost items.

Hindrances in Hiding: There are hindrances in SharePoint that slow down work. But what are these hindrances and where are these? It is impossible to spot them without a good governance plan, which needs to be at the back of every SharePoint plan. Users need deep and thorough knowledge of their environment, which is only possible through – SharePoint environment assessment.

With tools such as Site Administrator, it is easy to delve deeper into your SharePoint environment and gain a complete understanding of it. It helps you gain knowledge of what goes in your environment, right from the permissions, accesses, and existing rules to leading you to the blockage itself. This lays bare an opportunity for you to build better guidelines, fit for future. This makes your system future ready, making the whole function secure.

True that SharePoint adoption has challenges associated with it. But the value it can bring is massive. SO build efficiency on SharePoint for users to help them see the worth in it and drive success at workplace faster than ever.

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