Expanding Collaboration Safely With SharePoint Enhancements: 2018

We are expanding our horizons fast, with the idea of a workplace acquiring a new meaning and collaboration touching new a height. Collaboration has a new meaning altogether, which allows employees to communicate through videos, share documents, and graphically view documents. All these elements together and the recent enhancements rolled out by SharePoint, have brought a well-rounded and reliable technology.

Let’s take a look at the latest SharePoint upgrade and enhancements by Microsoft, announced this year:

Microsoft Team has been infused with all the SharePoint capabilities,which is empowering employees to access SharePoint document library in its full power. This will bring various capabilities such as: connect a SharePoint team site to a Microsoft Teams team in one click, ensure that in each SharePoint library, the Teams channel is associated to a folder; also, pick news articles and lists easily while adding a SharePoint tab to a Teams’ channel.

Connect in Groups through SharePoint, as that is a possibility now. Since this has been a concern for many of us, who have been striving to collaborate in groups for work, Microsoft has addressed the issue. Now people can collaborate in groups for work, think, share, discuss, and show graphics, to and brainstorm reach a point of consensus. New features which have found their way on SharePoint: New Microsoft Planner integrations, group inbox activity visible within site activities, and a modern team sites available on-premises within SharePoint Server.

Page Management is what people have long desired for. While everyone appreciates the dynamic display of information, everyone has always wanted the ability to better curate the access to this information. From organizing the content, page approval, to targeting audience by keeping content visible to some and inaccessible to the rest.

What Will It Bring To the Table

These enhancements are foreseen to bring improvements, which are reasons to encourage your employees to embrace them.

Encourages Self-Analysis: Collaboration brings people together to think, discuss, and share the ideas through: video conferences, quick meetings, and document sharing across the geographical boundaries. This will help people articulate their thoughts and realize the weaknesses to improve upon.

Results are Quick Problem Solving:Rather than indulging in conversations over mails, a pool of resource together finding answers to questions which leads to quick problem solving. This gives every problem, an exposure to better decision making.

Incremental Increase in Efficiency level:Collaboration will increase efficiency level, with expertise of so many resources filling together. Projects are completed on time, after due deliverance, without any compromise on the quality of the work.

Companies across the globe are recognizing the need of new and more robust technology for collaboration. Collaboration is not just a technological introduction, but a new spirit among the employees that fosters a strong bond among the resources. While traditional methods were good, they are no more good-enough in the face of the advanced technology.

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